Market awareness levels

Market awareness levels:

Are your sales   stagnating despite your best efforts? You may be wondering why some of your flagship products aren't selling as well as expected. You're not alone. The problem may not be your products, but simply the way you present them to your audience.

Did you know that? Not all your customers are at the same stage in their buying journey. Some already know what they need, others are just discovering their problem. If you treat all your customers in the same way, you lose out on valuable sales opportunities.

There are 5 levels of market awareness, which means that if your message is only adapted to one of them, you'll only reach 20% of your audience, so you'll lose 80% of your potential customers!

Imagine the impact on your sales if your marketing messages don't resonate with your customers. They miss out on your offers, feel misunderstood and end up turning to your competitors. You realise that your conversion rate is falling. Your revenue drops and all your hard work goes up in smoke. It hurts, doesn't it?

The solution is REALLY... SIMPLE, below I reveal the list of 5 levels of market awareness, in order to tailor your message and effectively engage your target audience (RESULT).


At this level, potential customers are not even aware of the problems they face, or the possibility of finding solutions. Marketing to this audience requires education and awareness-raising.


These potential customers recognise that they have a problem, but don't know that solutions exist. Marketing messages aimed at this audience should focus on empathising with their problem and evoking a possible solution.


These people know that there are solutions to their problem, but they don't know about your specific product or service. Marketing to this group should focus on how your product or service is a solution to their problem.


These customers know about your product or service, but are not totally convinced that it is the right solution for them. They may be comparing it to other options. At this stage, marketing efforts should focus on why your product or service is the best choice.

Most Aware:

These customers are already familiar with your product or service and just need one last push to make the purchase. This could be a discount, a reminder or another form of call to action.

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